Welcome to COSSA Park!!

Hello and welcome to Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association (COSSA) park, the premier gun range of the great Northwest!

We encourage you to join our membership ranks and take advantage of all that we have to offer you to enhance your experience in the world of firearms. We are a not for profit organization built on grants, donations and the exemplary work and dedication of many wonderful volunteers. Our plans for the future are exciting as we continue to build upon an already outstanding facility that rivals any in the USA.

Become a Member!

Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association (COSSA) is open to any person 18 years or older who may legally possess firearms. New members are required to attend a safety and range orientation class and pass a safety quiz before receiving their gate access code to enter COSSA Park and use the range facilities.

Safety & Tips

  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility. The most important goal of recreational shooting at COSSA range facilities is being safe.
  • COSSA range usage and safety rules are designed to ensure that all participants have a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • All firearms brought onto COSSA facilities must be cased or holstered and unloaded (except for concealed handgun licensees and law enforcement).
  • Official events can have their own safety regulations that vary from the rules published for membership.