Range safety is everyone’s responsibility. The most important goal of recreational shooting at COSSA Park is being safe. 

COSSA firearm safety rules are provided to ensure that everyone at COSSA Park has a safe and enjoyable experience. COSSA Park is an unsupervised range and does not have a range safety officer on duty.


The range safety burden falls on you as a COSSA member to work in cooperation with other shooters to adhere to the following basic safety requirements. Safety depends on you as the individual range user. Common sense and courtesy are the cornerstones of safe shooting. The key to the safe enjoyment of the shooting sports is a personal sense of responsibility not only for one’s self but for the safety of all persons on the range 

Additional guidelines on range usage and etiquette are covered in the Member’s Guide to Safety & Range Use and is available below. The Guide should be consulted in conjunction with this Safety Manual. 

COSSA Park also is used by the COSSA Disciplines who focus on specific shooting activities. Using COSSA’s Safety Manual and COSSA’s Member’s Guide along with their national affiliation guidelines, these Disciplines have expanded on COSSA’s safety guidelines to accommodate the additional safe practices needed for their shooting activities. Similarly, outside events and trainers using COSSA Park have done the same. Anyone engaging in activities with COSSA Disciplines, trainers and outside events must follow all the COSSA requirements as a minimum.


It is the responsibility of the management activity sponsor to communicate and enforce the required practices and for their participants to follow the additional safety requirements.