September 2019 Newsletter

Updated: Sep 16, 2019


I hope everyone had a great summer and I know several of you are getting ready for hunting season. Improvements continue to happen at our range.

Some of these are very noticeable like the gong range, the training center and the dig out of the bays, while others are less noticeable like the creation of the 501c3, internet service at the range and surveillance cameras. As I just mentioned we added a surveillance system to the range. We have had some theft, vandalism and trespassing at our range. We do not have the funds or volunteers to patrol the range as much as we would like so we have added a surveillance system that records several areas of the range. You may notice some of the cameras while others are very well hidden. We plan to start pursuing people who trespass, steal or vandalize our range, but your help is also needed. If you see something wrong happening, please try to note the time and take pictures if possible.

We have also upgraded our website, check it out at www.cossapark.com. The newsletters will also be posted there as well as enabling people to become members online. We are also moving to have online orientation for those that can’t make to the monthly orientation. Also, we will be posting volunteer needs on the web site. Please try to help if you can.


On September 11 at our monthly membership meeting, officer Kelvin Lettenmaier will present a discussion called "The Evolution of the Police Service Handgun." Lettenmaier is a longtime veteran of the Black Butte Police Department. Join us at the Bend VFW Hall at 7pm on September 12. This meeting is free to the public.


Due to several thefts recently, cameras have been put in to monitor activities at the range. The thefts just cost COSSA money to replace the items and emergency equipment that has been stolen may make the difference between life and death at the range. COSSA has rules for entering the range and these too have been broken. Members must enter in their entry code at the key pad, either with the member number or the flash card. If a vehicle has more than one member all of the members must enter their code. Membership of COSSA is a privilege and must not be violated.

Over the last month more than 100 members were dropped because of none payment of dues. We are getting calls from members wondering why their entry code does not work. This is probably the reason. They would like to be let in but that is not fair to the members that are current in their dues. If you come to the key pad and see that there is a vehicle waiting in the turnaround area, enter your code to open the gate but stop just past the gate and wait until it closes before driving on. This will prevent non-members from following through the open gate and entering the range. COSSA rules are that a member can bring in a maximum of 4 guests and the member must sign in at the Kiosk with the guests signing in under the members name and checking the guest box. All guests must sign in the log to be covered by the COSSA insurance. Any guest that is not shooting and kids under 18 are not required to pay the $5.00 guest fee. If a member has a special occasion where they want to bring in more guests, they should contact the range scheduler, Bill Lewis, 541-480-4695 and get it scheduled.


The annual sight in clinic for the public is scheduled for the weekend of September 14 & 15. Volunteers are needed to help out. If you can help out please contact Bill Lewis,

541-480-4695 or lewis.w.l@hotmail.com. Only those volunteers that are scheduled before hand will get work credit for the hours they help out at the sight in clinic.


The work party for August was very light and it was only possible to get the minimum work done. The garbage was picked up and deposited in the trash trailer. The trash trailer is full and needs a volunteer to take it to the Knott landfill. A ¾ ton pickup is required. Contact Bill Lewis if you are able to do this. The outhouse near the CPS area was upgraded with a new seat and from the input received shortly after, it was greatly appreciated. This year’s rain has made the weeds grow faster and some weed whacking was done. Those attending were; Don Thomas, Dennis Jones, LeDel Jones, Ted Anderson, Fred Newton, William Le, Galen Ruud, Rich Fleming, Steve Dunbar, Mike Conley and Bill Lewis.


There are only certain targets and target holders allowed to use on the COSSA ranges. The paper targets are to be used with the sticks placed in the three leg target stands or the wooden stick holders. Metal gong targets are located in bays 3 and 15 and on the gong range. Paper targets are allowed on the sight in range and gong targets are set at every 50 yards out to 500 yards. Several members have been using barrels and spools to tack the paper targets on. This is not allowed and must stop. The barrels are for trash and barriers and are not to be used as target holders. The 3 leg target holders and sticks are located in several bays, 1, 3, 15, 16, 18. COSSA provide both the sticks and stick holders and cardboard can be found in the white cardboard trailer and can be cut to size. Please cleanup both targets and cardboard when finished shooting.


The COSSA road grader has been down for repair for a couple of years. Those working on it, Dennis Jones, LaDel Jones and Jeremy Lewis have put many hours trying to get it repaired in order to upgrade the roads. It is finally getting to the finished stage and will be working on the roads in the near future. Please help to preserve the roads by driving slow to keep the dust down and the wash boarding of the roads.


The Lady Hawks discipline continues to build momentum as the summer moves into fall. The August session was sold out with a waiting list and the September session sold out three weeks beforehand and also has a waiting list. Session size is capped at 12 shooters to ensure individualized instruction and for safety. A minimum of three instructors ensures each shooter’s knowledge and abilities are assessed and specific instruction is provided to develop safe, responsible, and effective gun handling skills.

Registration for the final session of 2019 on October 12th will open for returning 2019 Lady Hawks the afternoon of September 14th and for New Lady Hawks on September 21st.

Registration links are on the COSSA website Lady Hawks Discipline web page and on the COSSA calendar. Checkout the Lady Hawks web page for additional information or contact ladyhawks@cossapark.com with questions or for help registering.


Open to the public! The Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association will host its annual Hunter’s Sight-In Workshops on September 14-15 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the COSSA Range each day. Range officers will provide technical assistance to adjust your scope or iron sights and help you tune your rifle for the fall deer and elk hunting seasons. Targets, shooting benches and a covered firing line are provided. There is a $7.00 fee per gun for nonmembers and $5.00 for members. Bring eye and ear protection. To find COSSA, travel east on Highway 20 toward Burns. COSSA Shooting Park is located ½ mile past milepost 24 on the north side of the highway. For more information, contact Bill Lewis at 541-480-4695.



A HOT RANGE is defined as a range where the red range flag is posted at the firing line. It may or may not have active shooting on that firing line.

This is the ONLY time you may handle your firearm, to include moving it FROM your vehicle to the line and REMOVING it from the firing line back to the vehicle. Remember it must be unloaded, encased and pointed in a safe direction during the movement to and from the firing line.

A COLD RANGE is marked with the range flag forward of the firing line. There may or may not be people downrange setting targets. You MAY NOT handle any firearm while the range is cold. If you drive up to the range and see it is marked COLD with the flag posted forward, you may bring your shooting gear – ammo, targets, magazines, spotting scopes, etc., to the range. This is the perfect time to set your targets, paint gongs, etc. If there is a yellow line behind the benches, shooters and all spectators and guests must remain behind that line until all persons are back from downrange and the designated range officer (THE PERSON ON THE FAR RIGHT) calls the range “HOT” and places the range flag on the firing line. Then and only then will you bring firearms to the tables and then AND ONLY THEN, you may handle, load and shoot. Recently I observed a club member ignoring this rule by bringing his firearms to the range tables and handling their firearm while the range was “COLD” and persons were downrange. This was a serious safety violation and could cause the member to have his membership terminated. Every member and guest must KNOW the HOT RANGE/COLD RANGE rules.

Be safe…..not sorry!

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