November 2019 Newsletter


The training center is nearing completion, slowly. The interior has now been painted thanks to members of Webfoot Painting. It looks terrific. There are several things that we will need volunteers for.

1. The first job will be to finish off the storage room walls with plywood. This will require 4 volunteers with skills to cut and fit the plywood to the walls. The plywood will be put up with screws and so will need battery screw drivers. We will have the necessary other tools at the Training Center but it you have a skill saw, carpenter square and tape measure it would be good to bring them. There is a scaffold in the storage room.

2. The second job will require 4 volunteers that have the skills to do the finish carpentry for the windows and sills. We have the 1” x 8” MDF boards for the sills.

3. The third work party will be for volunteers with finish skills to put in the plywood wainscoting and install the interior trim around the doors. This will come near the end of the year when the wainscoting is on hand.

4. The final (I hope) job will be to paint the storeroom.

Any member that wishes to volunteer for any of these jobs, please contact Bill Lewis, 541-480-4695 or lewis.w.l@hotmail.com and let him know when you would be available and for what job.

Cabinets and shelving will be ordered and installed by an outside source. Final electrical installation and the solar panel will also be installed by an outside source. New tables and chairs will be purchased by an NRA grant.


Our speaker for November is Russ Scott, a native of Central Oregon and a homegrown hunting and fishing outfitter. The topic: how Russ started in this unique career path and where it has taken him. Scott's Cast & Blast and Direct Adventures offer waterfowl hunts, upland bird hunts, trout fishing and steelhead fishing and more. Russ will present at the membership meeting on November 14. As always, COSSA's membership meeting is free and open to the public.


Another thing that was done at the work party was to put an additional camera at the gate. Now we can view the license plates of all entries into the range. This gives us a view of all members coming into the range and any vehicle that comes up the road and turns around at the gate. This will give us a good look at anyone trying to enter the range by foot, as has happened at least twice when water was stolen. Before the cameras were up we also had some first aid kits and fire extinguishers and toilet paper stolen. We will now be able to trace these thefts and put a stop to them. The more things we provide for the members convenience and safety, the more the thieve’s will be tempted.

The gate cameras are also showing some of the things we want to caution members on.

1. Speed, the speed limit on the range is 15 MPH and this includes the road between the gate and highway 20. This is to keep the dust down and to save the roads, please keep your speed down.

2. Members vehicle with more than one person in the vehicle. All members in a vehicle should enter their code into the key pad. The BLM requires that we report to them the number of people using the range. Members with guests must enter their code and stop at the guest sign in and enter the member name and the guests name and pay the fee. We are not getting 100% payment by guests. If members or guests are not signed in through the key pad record or legibly signed in at the guest kiosk, they technically are not at the range and are not covered by the COSSA insurance.

3. Multiple entries with one gate opening, tailgating. Members with guests in multiple vehicles may enter on one gate opening but must stop and register the guest at the guest kiosk. If a member enters when there is a vehicle parked in the turn around and the member does not know the owner, the member should drive through the gate on the right side of the road and stop just inside the gate so the parked vehicle cannot follow you in. The same procedure should be followed when exiting the range with a vehicle parked in the turnaround. Edit the gate far enough for the gate to close behind your vehicle and do not let the non-member in.

4. It has been noticed that when exiting the range, some vehicles are too far to the left when they get to the gate. When this happens the sensor will not pick up the vehicle and open the gate. Some members have been getting out of their vehicles and going up to the key pad and putting in their code to open the gate. This is not necessary, all you have to do is to back up beyond the tree on the North side of the road and pull forward again for the sensor to pick up on your vehicle and the gate will open.