November 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

COSSA Monthly Meeting – November 14, 2019

VFW Hall (corner of 4th & Olney)

1. 32 members and guests present.

2. 911 current COSSA members.

3. Membership Gate Cards are being abused by some members who are passing use of their cards or their membership numbers for use by non-members. The Board will consider possible penalties or forfeiture of memberships for such action in the near future.

4. Visible membership cards: Board is considering requiring members to wear a visible membership card on their person so people on the range can be easily identified as current members.

5. Board voted to maintain the current $5 guest fee but limit that option to 3 visits per year. After 3 visits per year those individuals will be asked to join COSSA or be banned from using the range for a period of one year.

6. Vehicles tailgating through the West Gate continues to be a problem. Tailgaters are basically forfeiting their right for insurance on the range (no record of being there), causing inaccurate usage of COSSA Park in our annual reports to the BLM and may suffer vehicle damage when the gate closes. Members need to be patient and use the gate in a responsible way.

7. Someone attempted to shoot the keypad at the West Gate. We collected spent .45 cases at the site and have a video of the event. The issue has been reported to the Deschutes County Sheriff. A backup keypad has been ordered in case a future miscreant is successful in destroying the keypad.

8. West Range misuse occurring: People climbing the fence to gain entry. If such activity is observed, ask them to leave or get license numbers and report the incident to a Board member.

9. Thefts are occasionally reported at COSSA Park. Disciplines need to secure valuable supplies and equipment and visitors to COSSA Park need to secure their valuables.

10. Weed Control: We'll be asking the BLM for advice on managing weeds. We had a double crop this year due to lots of moisture in the soil. The question is burn, spray and what chemicals are permitted?

11. COSSA's website has issues and needs work. Please be patient, we're working on it.

12. COSSA Kid's needs the help of a volunteer or two. We are sometimes shorthanded when people are ill or on vacation. Contact Don Thomas or Rich Fleming if you care to help out.

13. Discipline accounting: We are developing policies and procedures for reporting and accessing funds.

14. Death penalty for shooting law enforcement officers; Gov. Brown soft on the issue. While she is in favor of banning all executions she feels it is justified if the crime of killing a police officer is premeditated. Police chiefs, unions and fraternal organizations take issue with her position because 95% of police killings are not premeditated.

15. Our Guest Speaker was Russell Scott, proprietor of Direct Adventures. When you go to his website at HELLO@DIRECTADVENTURES.COM you'll learn that he owns Lake of the Dunes at Summer Lake and offers a variety of guided hunting and fishing opportunities. Bird hunting is best between September and March but fishing is pretty much year round at a number of private lakes and Oregon's rivers. Russell also owns Dandy's Drive-In and sells one of Bend's best hamburgers. Check it out!

16. Please attend one of our meetings if you haven't already. Where else do you get free coffee, cookies, magazines and multiple drawings for outdoor equipment and shooting supplies? Meet us at the VFW Hall, corner of 4th & Olney, 7 pm on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

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