March 2020 Newsletter


This year we had record voter turnout with 210 votes, most of those were electronic votes. The electronic voting saves COSSA over $1000.

The results were:

President - Kent Neumann

Vice President - Mark Fero

2nd Vice President - Michael Boyd

Treasurer - Donna Hines

Secretary - Rich Fleming

Safety Officer - JVO Weaver

Director at Large - Bill Lewis

Previous Vice President Ryan Goold was not able to continue his position on the board and Mike Boyd stepped up. In addition, the very important position of Safety Officer has always been a coordinator position and not a board member. This year it was voted on and approved to add that position as a voting member of the board.

I have had a few questions on why we only one person to vote for on each board position. The simple answer is no one else has asked to be on the board. This will be my 3rd year as President and I have let the board know I will not be able to continue on the board after this current year is completed.

The board meetings are posted on the COSSA events calendar and COSSA members are welcome to attend. If you would like to be more involved or consider being on the board in the future attending the meetings would be a great way to learn more about the board.

My Final Year

This will be my 3rd year as President of COSSA. I had several goals when I was first elected. I wanted to continue COSSA’s great track record and do several improvements around COSSA including the Training Center, re-shaping the berms, improving the Gong range so more people could use it, improve our web site, create a 502c3 for tax deductible donations to be made to improve shooting in our area, and more security cameras to better monitor the range.

I also have/had the goal of a permanent lease (called a patent by the BLM) with having about 15 years left on our current lease. As time went on, we research some of the pros/cons of the patent and while we would like to secure the land long term, we decided it was not the right time to pursue the patent.

One leader for too long is not good for the range, but we need have a board that has new fresh energy with new ideas mixed with experienced members. If help shaping COSSA’s future is something you would like to be involved with come to a board meeting and see if you want to get more involved.


Gary Lewis will be presenting about Kids, Guns, Hunting & Shooting at our General Meeting on March 12. Years ago, COSSA helped to sponsor, along with the Friends of the NRA, an offshoot of COSSA Kids. For several years, Lewis and some other COSSA members took kids hunting. Lewis will take look back at some of those hunts and show how hunting and target shooting helped make a difference in the lives of some Central Oregon kids.


We had a good work party for February, 23 volunteers. The main work that we wanted to get done was in the New Training Center. Most of the crew worked in the TC getting the painting done and a storage closet for cleaning supplies put together. The storage closet will allow any users of the Training Center to have access to cleaning supplies for cleanup after use. The main problem will be dirt tracked in and the floor should be swept after each use. It was noticed from the last orientation that much dirt was tracked in from the use of the outhouse. Therefore, the area surrounding outhouse was graveled to keep the dirt from being tracked in. The event sign has been up for a long time at the keypad and we finally were able to get it braced. The bracing probably kept the event sign from blowing over with the winds we had earlier in the week. The winds were over 35 miles an hour at the range. The new weather station on the web site is a great asset when it comes time to decide if the weather is right for those long distance shots. The New Training Center was the main thing we want to get done and it is coming along and with some more painting will be done in the next month. However, the other things necessary to keep the range working were also done, garbage pickup, target stand repair and most important, TP supplied to all of the outhouses. The shotgun throwers were all repaired and should be usable. Let someone know if the throwers need repair in the future. Those attending the work party were; Garrett Erickson, Mike Conley, Butch Eastman, Kevin Peterman, Roy Shirakata, Larry Larson, Don Thomas, Dennis Jones, David Sweet, Ted Anderson, Eric Brown Dave Semich, Fred newton, Bob Wittwer, Frans Hager, Jim Crittenden, Ed Moore, Larry Confer, Bill Herrick, Chuck Singletary, Will Siegler, Jim Judd and Bill Lewis.

Further work has been done since the work party by Eric Brown and Dave Sweet. They worked in training center and have almost completed all of the painting. The right hand berm on the Gong Range was also extended to protect the shooters in the Gong cover from shooters on the 1000 yard firing line on the Hi-Power range.

The weed problem last year was the wort we have seen in years. Therefore, more work will be done this year to try to control the weeds. Ranges may be closed during the week for weed spraying. These closures will be put on the calendar and would be best to check the calendar before going out for any closures.

Last month I asked for members to volunteer to make sandbags. The sandbags have almost all disappeared. Some probably walked off but many get damaged by the shooters. I was very pleased for the response for sandbag makers.

The next work party will be on March 18th and will start at 10 AM. We will try to get some work done on the Archery target holders. Any archers will be welcome to help and to provide input for what is needed on that range.


The Sportsman’s show for 2020 is on March 12-15. COSSA will have a booth, the same as last year, #153. Volunteers are requested to man the booth. We would like to have 2 volunteers at a time in the booth. This means we will need 36 volunteers to keep the booth fully manned. Last year we had members dropping by the booth and helping out and they were given work credit for their time in the booth. It turns out that this cost COSSA more than expected for work credit. Therefore, this year, work credit will only be given to those members that volunteer before the show and are set for times to man the booth. Any member that volunteers will be on the will call list at the gate and will get in the show free. Members are asked to put in a shift of 4 hours. Any member that wants to put in more time will be welcome. All members that want to stop by the booth and help out without being on the work schedule are welcome. Disciplines are encouraged to set times to man the booth and bring along any of the equipment that is used on their shoots. Many attendees to the show do not know what is going on in the shooting world and your demonstration of your discipline may get you some more shooters. Contact Bill Lewis lewis.w.l@hotmail.com for volunteer times and what equipment will be shown.


The request in last month’s newsletter for volunteers to make sandbags for the Fockler sight in range was very successful. We had three volunteers to make sandbags. Some sandbags have already been made and are at the range. Further sandbags are in the process. Now we need more jean pant legs donated to make more. One of our members, Chris Chandler-541-548-1276, has volunteered to make sandbags for any of the disciplines. All you need to do is provide the jeans and the cost of the material to make them.


The COSSA Foundation continues to get requests for help in providing organizations with funding to support firearm related public interest activities that defend and foster the Second Amendment Rights of law-abiding Oregonians. These activities promote firearm and hunting safety, enhance marksmanship skills and educate the general public in the lawful, historic and safe use of firearms. The COSSA Foundation focuses on events that benefit children, youth, women, individuals with disabilities, law enforcement, hunters and competitive shooters.

If you wish the support these activities and also seek the benefit of a tax deduction through the use of a 501 (C)(3) tax-exempt organization, please reach out to the Foundation at contact@cossafoundation.org. You can also support the Foundation by using www.smile.amazon.com and naming the COSSA Foundation as the beneficiary or taking advantage of your employer matching fund program. Please note that funds or goods given to COSSA and not the Foundation are NOT tax deductible.


The Friends of NRA has available $33,000 in High School Scholarships! This is an awesome opportunity for helping graduating Seniors with their continuing education through College or Trade School.

Scholarships: 1st -3rd $4000, 4th-10th $2000, 11th-17th, $1000

Applications must be completed no later than April 3rd, 2020 and turned into the Oregon FNRA State Funding Committee Chairman:

Dr. Maurizio Valerio

52843 Highway 203

Union, OR 97883



Scholarship Awards are for the Fall 2020 term. However, Scholarship can be deferred up to 2 years but must be used by Fall 2022 term.

Reach out to Dr. Valerio for an application form.


Firearm storage

While the method you choose to store your firearms is a matter of personal choice, we think one should review their choices to ensure their needs are met.

Some of the considerations to be reviewed:

Are there individuals who should not have access to your guns able to get to them? How about young children, angry teens, perhaps a grown-up person who is acting a little strange? Someone who has radical views? Who hates an ethnic group or race?

If you have an extensive collection, it may be worth a great deal of money – a tempting target for thieves.

All these problems solved with the storage of your guns in a quality gun safe. Make sure you do not share the combination or keep the keys where they could be easily found.

Other considerations:

Do you store weapons and ammunition in the same place? Do you keep your guns loaded when they are stored? This is never a good idea. Sometimes guns are forgotten, and for one reason or another, the ownership may change due to death or some unforeseen incident like a medical condition or automobile accident. A new owner, one who may know nothing about guns could have a rude awakening when he or she unknowingly picks up a loaded gun and creates a tragedy. These incidents rack up the “Accidental Discharge” statistics.

A little story from the past to illustrate: An older uncle who was slipping slowly into dementia, called me to report his 12-year old grandson found the Walther PP that came home as a capture weapon from WWII. He asked me to come to his home and make sure the gun was unloaded because he couldn’t remember how it worked. I found the gun cocked and ready to fire with a full clip and a round literally fused in the chamber – stuck there by old congealed oil. The gun had been wrapped in an old newspaper dated 1952 and had been sitting in a closet for close to 65 years. Thankfully the grandson didn’t pull the trigger, and I was able to unload it and care for it properly.

Reasons to keep loaded guns accessible: Personal safety.

Are you a law enforcement officer? Do you carry large amounts of cash or other valuables? Are you or a member of your family being threatened or stalked?

Do you live in an area that has a high crime rate? Should you keep a loaded gun readily available? Do you have an everyday carry gun that is with you all day and lives by your bed at night?

All valid reasons indeed, but these also place a heavy burden on you, the firearms owner, to ensure another person cannot misuse this gun.


1-day hunt, 2 nights lodging and meals

If you are looking forward to hunting sage rats this spring, sign up for this sage rat shoot on April 30. We will travel to Crane on April 29 and check in with Diamond A Guides in the evening.

Bring a swim suit and a towel if you plan to soak in the hot springs. Bring a sleeping bag and a pillow. We will sleep in canvas wall tents.

The next morning, April 30, we will eat the best breakfast you have had all year, then we will head out to the fields. Lunch is provided. We have dinner that evening (provided), stay overnight, eat a big breakfast and head for home May 1.

The cost is $400. Please make checks out to Diamond A Guides.

Hunts are conducted from raised platforms, which give the shooter a ten-foot elevated position for shots that will range from 10 yards out to 400 yards. Most shooters bring a scoped 17HMR, a 22 rim-fire and a 22 center-fire.

In most years we use center-fires and rim-fires. Note that some fields are closed to center-fires. Bring one or more rim-fire guns.

Plan to bring at least 500 rounds of ammunition for the one-day shoot.

We have places for 10 shooters only. To hold your spot, bring a check (made out to Diamond A Guides) to Gary Lewis prior to the trip.

Please bring cash to tip our cooks and guide.

Gary Lewis

PO Box 1364

Bend, OR 97709



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