June 2020 Newsletter


As you may know we are on leased BLM land, therefore we are following state mandates for COVID. As we entered Oregon’s phase 1 status, we now are allowing small groups of 25 or less to have activities at the COSSA. Once we get to phase 2, we will be able to increase that to groups of 100 or less. Hopefully, Deschutes county will be at phase 2 in the next 30 days.

Meanwhile we continue to make changes to keep our membership happy and growing. The board requires all new members to complete an orientation. With COVID we have not been able to do in person orientation, but last month I created an online orientation. This new online system has allowed over 80 new members! The new online orientation takes about 15-20 minutes. In the future, we want to have all members complete the orientation as they renew their membership.

The orientation helps keep our members updated on the safety rules on the range as the range does change. One reoccurring issue we are having is members shooting steel targets in pistol bays. The pistol bays are not long enough to shoot rifle caliber rounds at steel. Not only is this unsafe, but we have had three targets damaged. Another issue we have is members using the plastic barrels for targets and people using the safety tables as bench rests.

In earlier newsletters I announced we were suspending any major improvements until COSSA knew the financial impact of COVID. With the increase in membership we may consider continuing some of the smaller projects. You may have noticed a lot of work being done at the Great Buffalo basin area, this is great work being done but it’s being paid for by the discipline, not with COSSA funds. Several of the disciplines do their own improvements to their areas.


1. Speed limit- 15 MPH to keep dust down and save roads

2. Shotgun shooters-do not put clay bird empty boxes in the trash/hull barrels. Flatten and put into the white horse trailer.

3. Shotgun shooters-cover throwers when finished.

4. Do not move gong pistol targets from bays 3 & 15.


Mild Steel Targets And You…

Guess what happens when you are standing closer than 50 yards from a steel target and shoot it with a high-velocity rifle cartridge?

If it is mild-steel, designed for pistol and revolver, lead rounds, (usually loaded at less-than maximum values) high-velocity damage (the above) is the result. Also, shrapnel from both the target and the bullet jacket has a wicked way of coming right back to haunt you resulting in a few extra holes in your body that I am sure you don’t want.

This target was left for pistol shooters at Bay Three awhile back. Recently, some irresponsible, selfish and ignorant shooter broke our rules, firing a high velocity weapon at less that 50 yards and punched all kinds of holes in it, both damaging the target and making it useless for other more responsible shooters, Makes you wonder about some people being able to own weapons, doesn't it?

In another case recently, COSSA experienced damages to targets belonging to one of the disciplines. The backstory is that there was a shoot scheduled for early the next day, and a club member set the targets out the night before. He was camping at COSSA that night and heard some shots fired that sounded close to where he had set the targets.

By the time he got to the Bay where they we set, he saw a vehicle departing and found the above damage. We were able to ID the shooter(s) via our video camera system and asked them to make reparations. Since club rules were violated (damage to targets, close-in shooting, wrong caliber weapon in a Bay designated for pistol-caliber cartridges only, etc., etc.) the violators were asked to pay for new targets and risked having their COSSA membership restricted or revoked.