July 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Jul 7, 2020


COSSA is a member owned range. Unlike many other ranges without our members helping we would not be able to exist. Over the last three years I have been working on improving the range. We have had hundreds of hours of help from people helping dig out the bays, building shelters and the Training Center to volunteers doing regular maintenance and cleaning.

A couple weeks ago I was driving to Idaho for a match with another member discussing what I could do to continue to improve COSSA. His idea was to provide more Steel targets for member use. I thought that was a great idea. However, when I return to town, I was notified that most of our steel targets had been damaged over the last week. This was a big setback for the plans to provide more steel targets and disappointing. Not only does shooting the steel in pistol bays with rifles (except pistol caliber carbines) damage the steel it is also extremely dangerous to the shooter(s).

Our orientation and safety guidelines prohibit the shooting of steel targets within 75 yards for your safety and to protect the steel. We also are having problems with people using the barrels as target stands and people moving the yellow safety tables and using them as bench rests.

This is where I would like some great member help. If you notice someone not following our safety rules or damaging COSSA property let us know. If you feel comfortable asking the member to stop doing what they are doing, great. If you do not feel comfortable then please make a note of the time, date, and car - a picture of the car is great along with the license plate state and number. We do know who is at the range at any given time and we will contact the offender. We also understand accidents happen and if you accidentally damage something at the range please let us know.

Together we can help keep COSSA a great range.


We have had some of our future projects put on hold because of the pandemic but now we are moving ahead on some of them. We still need to finish off the floor of the Training Center and that is still up in the air. Window covering are also needed in the Training Center to reduce the light for the projector. We have two projects now in the works and will need help on both.

Project 1– Outhouses-Two new outhouses are planned for the range. One will be at the new East end archery range. It will be placed on the side of the road about 100 yards from the East gate to accommodate the archery range and for special matches that use the area adjoining the archery range. The vaults are on order and will be placed as soon as we receive them. We will need carpenters to build the outhouses themselves. Anyone wishing to help build the building should contact Bill Lewis, lewis.w.l@hotmail.com.

Project 2- Cover between two of our storage conexes. We have ordered a metal arched cover that will go up between the center storage conex and the conex on the right. The cover is arched to provide enough room to allow the grader and the front loader to be worked on under cover. The cover should be delivered about the end of July and we will need at least 4 volunteers to unload and install it. Notice will be put on the web site when we are sure of the delivery.


CATTLEGUARD-Due to the heavy rains this last month the cattle guard at the old West gate is filled with dirt. This needs to be cleaned out in case the cattle are in the area. It will require a narrow shovel, about 3” wide and a wheel borrow. The fill should be placed on the other side of the entry road where water has washed out the roadbed. If interested contact Bill Lewis, lewis.w.l@hotmail.com

SPECIAL PURPOSE RANGE-The special purpose range needs to be mowed on the gravel area. This can be down with a riding mower but COSSA does not have one. If a member wishes to get some volunteer time in and has a mower to bring contact Bill Lewis, lewis.w.l@hotmail.com

TRAINING CENTER GENERATOR COVERS- We need two generator covers for the TC. One will be for storage of the generator when not in use to be placed inside the TC next to the back door. The other for the generator and gas storage on the outside of the TC near the plug-in for the generator when it is being used on the outside. The cover on the inside should be able to contain the generator and cable and look like furniture. The outside cover needs to be water resistant so the generator can be covered when it is used in the rain. Ideas are welcome, any ideas and volunteers to build should contact Bill Lewis, lewis.w.l@hotmail.com


The new training center is almost finished. The floor covering will be coming soon. Some of the things needed to complete the center for being outfitted for the training classes and to keep it clean are the following:

1. US and Oregon state flags, poles, and floor stands.

2. Cleaning supplies.

3. Floor vacuum cleaner.

4. Window coverings.

5. Bulletin board, something like a cork board and a dry erase board with tripod.


The work party for June was the first we have had since the pandemic started. We had a good turnout considering the circumstances. The range has been pretty busy because we have been open the whole time and cleanup was a large issue. We made sure that all of the trash cans were emptied and the target stands and holders were repaired. There has been some damage done to some of the plate targets because members were not following the rules and using high caliber rifles to shoot the plates in the pistol bays. This not only damages/destroys the plates but in unsafe for the shooter. Much work was done cutting the grass along the pistol bays and weed eating around the building to reduce the fire hazard. The New Training Center was used for the first time for our break and social distancing was followed. The members that volunteered for the work party were; Michael Brodie, Larry Confer, Dennis Jones, Jeremy Lewis, Bob Elliottt, Fred Newton, Ted Anderson, Earl McKinney, Steve Dunbar, Roger Points, Bobby White, Rick Williams, Eric Brown, Bob Emerson, Rich Mahder, Roy Shirakata, Don Thomas, Mike Conley and Bill Lewis.

Future work parties will be planned to do some more improvements to the range and we may be setting some special work parties for future projects. These special work parties will be announced in the newsletter and on our web site.


On the morning of June 25, 1876, General Custer led his men against a combined force of Sioux, Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho. Some of these Indians had recently fought General Crook's soldiers to a standstill at the Battle Where the Girl Saved Her Brother (Battle of the Rosebud), little more than a week before.

This was an interesting time in firearms history with many different types of weapons represented. On the Indians' side, the bow and arrow, the lance, the tomahawk and war club were employed alongside warriors armed with flintlock, percussion rifles, "Trapdoor" carbines, Winchester repeaters and Colt single-actions. Soldiers were armed with the latest Trapdoors, Colts, and their own guns.

A total of 2,361 cartridges, cases and bullets have been recovered from the fight. Archaeologists have identified 45 different firearms types on the battlefield and 371 individual guns.

On August 13, at the COSSA membership meeting, we will hold a display of the guns used at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, at a place the Indians called the Greasy Grass. Plan to be at this meeting and please bring guns that are representative of the guns used in the historic battle. Both replicas and originals guns are welcome.


Due to drying fuels and increasing potential for fire starts, the Industrial Fire Precaution Level is now Level 2. The change to IFPL Level 2 primarily affects our work parties and other construction activities at COSSA Park. Chainsaw and welding or cutting metal is not allowed on the range from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Our standard fire prevention regulations cover us throughout the entire year for any of the mandated levels.

COSSA Park has fire trailers strategically parked throughout the range. In the event of a fire the trailers can be unlocked using the current code of 2020. The trailers have 500 gallons of water, a water pump, hoses, and all the needed accessory hand tools to begin a response to a fire. Fires spread quickly and first responders are easily overwhelmed. Do not hesitate or wait to call 911 and get help on the way remembering they are about a half hour away at best. Also recognize the need to get them access through the security gate and the need to direct them to your location. 911 Dispatch does have an emergency code to enter COSSA Park, but it’s not to leave that to chance.

COSSA Park has a year-round restriction on smoking to inside vehicles and closed-in buildings. The range bays shelters are NOT OK to smoking. Generators are required to be placed on metal pans and open fires or charcoal grills are not allowed. Gas fired grills are OK and a good suggestion would be to place them on metal pans also.

Please note that there is a general requirement that possession of the following firefighting equipment is required while traveling in a motorized vehicle, except on federal and state highways, county roads and driveways: one shovel and one gallon of water or one 2 1/2 pound or larger fire extinguisher.

For more information or questions, reach out to Mark Fero, VP, williejeep@aol.com


It happened again!!!

Last month we discussed shooting steel with high-velocity rifles at less than 50 yards and the consequences that result – e.g., holes in mild steel targets, ricochets, cost to replace the targets.

In the past few days, someone set up a gong on Bay three and proceeded to blast it with a 5.56/.223. The results? As advertised, a ruined gong, ricochets, and the great possibility that the shooter or someone nearby could have been seriously injured or killed.

So, my dear club members, we are adding more closed-circuit cameras in hopes of catching the shooter(s) in the act. I assure you, once they are caught, their membership privileges will be revoked, and they will be banned from COSSA.

Enough is enough.

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