February 2020 Newsletter


February is our annual election for elected board members. Any member that wishes to run for an office should notify the COSSA president via the COSSA website. The ballots will come out the first week of February via e-mail.


Banquet & Fundraiser March 21st, 2020 @ 4PM,

Riverhouse Convention Center, Bend, OR

The NRA hosts an annual dinner in Bend. This is a major fundraiser for the NRA. COSSA buys at least one table every year in support of the NRA. We know there are a lot of our members that go to the event. We would like to show the NRA how COSSA and its members support them by having several tables. So, to encourage our members to sit at a COSSA table, if you buy your ticket(s) through COSSA instead of paying the $60 price, COSSA will discount the ticket down to $50 and will reserve a spot for you at the COSSA table. Contact Rich Fleming rfleming@bendbroadband.com as soon as possible if you are interested.


At our General Meeting on February 13, Emily Fishback of In Our Own Backyard will discuss Human Trafficking. Emily will give us an update on the efforts of this Bend-based organization that has had an impact around the world. By our February meeting, Emily will have just returned from Miami and she will report on efforts there to stop human trafficking.

IN OUR BACKYARD has worked for the last ten consecutive years to eradicate sex trafficking surrounding the Super Bowl through partnerships with top law enforcement, nonprofits, and government agencies in host cities across America. web site: www.inourbackyard.org

Also, our February meeting is when we draw the raffle tickets for prizes for those members that have been putting in work hours for COSSA and have tickets in the work can. We give out a total of $1000.00 in gift cards. The winners of the work credit drawing do not have to be present to win. Winners not present will be notified after the drawing.

Gift certificates will also be given out to the two members that have the highest number of work hours. These will be $200.00 gift cards each.


COSSA supplies sandbags for the members to use at the Fockler Sight In Range.

A recent inventory of available sandbags showed that we had less than 10 left.

I am looking for a volunteer that can sew up some sandbags out of the jeans legs we collect. COSSA will supply the jeans legs and the sand. Anyone interested please contact Bill Lewis, lewis.w.l@hotmail.com The time spent producing the sandbags will count against the membership of the volunteer.


The total payments received in the fee box paid by guests brought in by members does not match the sign in sheet. The COSSA policy regarding bring in guests is very clear. Members may bring in 4 guests maximum at a time and a member may not bring in any single guest more than 3 times a year. COSSA wants to allow members to bring in guests to show off the range and bring in more members.

However, if this privilege is abused steps to change this policy may be taken.

When guests sign in and pay the fee, they are covered by the COSSA insurance for that day. If their sign in is not legible they will not be covered by the insurance.

Make sure we can read your entry!


The work party for January was mainly to work on the New Training Center. It is coming along and is being used for the orientations. The work to finish is all painting. The solar panels should be working before the next work party. Several new metal trash barrels have been put out in strategic spots to use for trash collecting. These are very nice barrels and should not be moved or used as target holders. The plastic barrels are used as barricades when practicing pistol shooting. They also should not be used as target holders. The members on the