August 2019 Newsletter

Updated: Sep 6, 2019


The IFPL level is now at level 2, Fire Danger is still at High. With the IFPL at level 2 the range the following rules will be effect:

1. Cutting or mowing of weeds/grass can be done in early morning hours and must be stopped at 1 pm.

2. Welding or cutting of metal can be done in early morning hours and must be stopped at 1 pm. A fire watch must be at site of welding or cutting of metal for 1 hour after work is completed.

3. All ATVs must have an approved spark arrester installed.

4. All vehicles must have onboard 1 shovel, 1 gallon of water or 2 1⁄4 pound fire extinguisher when using FS, BLM and State Forestry roads. Plus all current rules/procedures the range has in effect must be followed. Such as:

  • No smoking except in vehicle.

  • No open camp fires, warming fires, etc. The use of

  • propane BBQs is approved.

  • Park or drive on main roads and parking lots.

  • The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) prohibits the

  • use of fireworks, target shooting with exploding targets,

  • and the firing of a tracer or incendiary device on all

  • BLM-managed public lands throughout Oregon and

  • Washington.

The ban will be in effect from May 10, 2019 to October 31, 2019.


Our speaker this month is Phillippe (Flip) Freeman, who was raised in Oregon and makes his home in Bend. Flip is a COSSA member and a reloader and a long range shooting enthusiast. Last year he drew the coveted Mt. Emily bull elk tag and spent the whole season in pursuit of a big bull. He will tell the story of hunting the Face Bull at the membership meeting on August 8. Hope to see you there.


There were two work parties held in July. The first was held on the ninth and was for installation of the insulation in the New Training Center. All of the walls and 1/3 of the ceiling were finished. However, there was concern about the proper venting on the attic area and it was decided to

install more venting before the final installation was done. This was done and the insulation will be finished on July 31. The work was accomplished with volunteer members and the donation of ladders and scaffolding. Those members attending were; Doug Lowndes, Rick

Mahder, John Skovran, Bob Wittwer, Hal Dickey, Jules Wetzel, Brad Warren and Bill Lewis. When the insulation is fully installed, the next step will be to have a professional company install the sheet rock. The second work party was our regular monthly work party held on July 17. The main emphasis was on the weed problem. This year’s rain has caused the weeds to grow quite well and needed to be cut back away for the buildings. This was accomplished by many members bringing their weed wackers out and attacking the weeds. There was the usual work done also, garbage pickup, target repair, toilet cleaning and delivery of target boards. Further work was done on the grader in an effort to get it running again and it is looking like we will get it running shortly. Those attending were; Eric Brown, Dennis Jones, Doug Lowndes, Bob Emerson, Joe Fullop, Mike Conley, Don Thomas, Roy Shirakata, Curt Brewer, Rich Fleming, Alan Ashforth and Bill

Lewis. Thank you all for your support of COSSA.


Each year since COSSA was founded, we have offered a public service, Sighting in Clinics to help the public with sighting in before the hunting seasons begins. We feel that this is a great service and if anyone has attended one of these clinics, they too will see the need. Other ranges provide this same service and are well attended. Some of the ranges have waiting lines and waits of between 2 & 3 hours. Fortunately, we have never had this problem. However, we do have a problem. We have used members to help with the clinics and the members receive work credit for their help. We have offered 2 full weekends for the clinics, a total of 24 hours. COSSA provides all that any shooter would need, benches, sandbags, targets, spotting scopes and instruction and repair. All this for only $7.00 per gun. Last year attendance was very low, only 33 shooters and we had many members there to help out. Therefore, COSSA provided many hours of work credits with no return. This year the board has decided to only have one weekend for the Sight-in Clinic, September 14 & 15 from 9 AM

to 4 PM. Members will be asked to volunteer but the number of volunteers will be limited. Any member that wishes to help out will have to be scheduled and that member will be credited with the number of hours he is scheduled. Any member that wishes will be able to come out and help but if the member is not scheduled, will not receive work credit. Any member that wishes to help out will be scheduled by Bill Lewis, lewis.w.l@hotmail.com


The BLM requirement of having the West range open to the public was started last month and we had a grand total of zero attendance. The next time it will be open to the public is August 3. The hours will be from 10 am to 2 pm. We will have 2 members to cover these times. We need one volunteer for this month. Duties will be to collect cash and take names. Nothing else is required. If you are interested in volunteering for this duty,

contact Bill Lewis, lewis.w.l@hotmail.com


COSSA now has more than 1100 members. However, the attendance of the monthly meetings is very low. Usually, each month attendance is less than 30. The question is why is the attendance so low? We want to get more members involved in the running of COSSA and attending the monthly meetings. We have a monthly speaker with topics that we think will interest members. We also provide door prizes to the members that attend the meetings. We also have coffee and cookies. Beer is also available from the VFW bar. Each member is also given a ticket for the annual drawing that totals $1000.00. We are looking for ideas that will improve attendance at the monthly meetings. Any ideas are welcome and should be sent to Bill Lewis, lewis.w.l@hotmail.com or to Rich Fleming at 541-389-1100.



Here’s a perfect reason why a shooter must wear eye and ear protection. This S&W Model 29 had a major malfunction and blew up in the shooter’s hand. Fortunately, no one was injured, but pieces of the revolver went in all directions. You can never predict when this is going to happen, and is caused by errors in the load – too much powder, wrong powder used, the bullet was too big, the pistol had been subjected to heavy loads and

finally blew up. I have seen this three times with Glock .40 S&W when the shooter reloaded range brass and the reload lined up with a small portion of the brass that bulged from the unsupported chamber of the Glock. The Glock came apart just as did this

revolver. Again, eye and ear protection. Every time you shoot.

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