August 2020 Newsletter


As we are growing in membership and have many new, first time shooters, the COSSA Safety Committee will recommend to the Board of Directors changes in how we shoot steel targets. After careful review of the many organizations, to include the NRA, The U. S. Army, and other large-scale shooting clubs and institutions, the predominant result is “10/100”.

When shooting steel targets:

10 yards minimum distance for pistol, revolver, and pistol caliber rifles,

100 yards minimum distance for all rifle calibers, except .50 BMG= 300 yards.

If adopted by the board, the COSSA Policy manual and membership guide will reflect the new standards of minimum engagement distances.

This is done in the interest of shooter safety and target protection.


We had our first work party in several months on July 15. The members that showed up had not forgotten how to do good work. There was a great team working on cleaning out the cattle guard at the old West gate. They pulled the grate and cleaned out all of the dirt that has accumulated over the last few years. The last big rainstorm completely covered the cattle guard and it needed to be cleaned. The roof for the area between two of the Conexus had been ordered and that area was cleaned out in anticipation of the roof arriving. The roof arrived on the 28th of July and we will be looking for volunteers to put it up. The usual crew that picks up the garbage was on hand for that and got that accomplished early.

The main problem that presents itself on any of our work party days is cleanup. If the members would clean up after themselves it would make it easier on the volunteers and make the range look much better.

Those members that attended the July work party were: Roy Shirakata, Denny Jones, David Sweet, Rick Williams, Ed Moore, Mike Conley, Michael Brody, Fred Newton, Frans Hager, Ted Anderson and Bill Lewis.


As you know, each year at renewal we mail out a new member card with the updated expiration date. Recently there has been an increasing amount of mail returned to us as wrong address. Please let us know if you have a change in address. You can send e-mail to treasurer@cossapark.com


Message from FNRA: We are very sad to announce that we will not be able to have the 2020 High Desert Friends of NRA Banquet and Auction. But we are excited to offer an online auction for many of the exciting and unique items you expect at the event…including firearms! We will share this online information with you very soon…please watch for a follow-up information.


It has been noticed through our camera system that more vehicles are parking in the turnaround by the keypad. If a member is taking in a guest and meets them at the gate, it is okay for the guest to follow through the gate after the member. However, be aware that if the gate starts to move before both vehicles are through the gate, the vehicle that is not through the gate must stop. The gate will close on the vehicle and then open again to allow the vehicle to make it through. If the vehicle does not stop and damages the gate, that person must pay for the gate repair. If the gate closes and bumps the vehicle, it will not damage the vehicle.


Treasurer - Donna Hines - treasurer@cossapark.com

(Invoices may come from Donna@bkptaxservice.com)

- Membership status, renewal dates, gate card issues, invoicing

Membership Coordinator - Tami Chapin - membership@cossapark.com

- Becoming a member, orientation


The BLM requires COSSA to report to them how many people are using the facilities. This means that ALL members and guests that enter COSSA Park are required to sign in. This means that all members must activate the gate by entering their member number or using their flash card and this will sign the member in. There will be times that a member will arrive at the gate and the gate will already be open. This may be due to work being done on the range or because another member just passed through the gate and the gate was still open. Members must still stop at the key pad and enter their code. This will keep a proper count of the range usage for the BLM records.