Where can I sight in my rifle?

COSSA Members may sight in thier rifle on the 200 yd sight-in range. It has paper targets out to 200yds and steel gongs between 300 and 500 yds.

Is camping allowed on the range?

Yes camping is allowed. Campers need to be aware of the current fire danger level and restrictions and they need to review the range usage guide.

Is there public access to the range?

COSSA sits on about 600 acres with over 20 shooting bays. It is not possible to have safety officers on every bay, every day. Our members must attend an orientaiton class and pass a safety test before they can use the range. We host over 2000 non member user days every year. The public may use COSSA several different ways. 1). A COSSA member may escort and supervise up to four non guests onto the range. 2). All matches are open to the public. When you sign up for the match or class you will be given a gate code for that day. However, you do not get access to the entire range only the match or class you signed up for. 3). The West range is open to the public for a $12 fee the first Saturday of each month from April through October from 10am - 2pm. To get to the West range you do NOT enter through the main gate. To get tot the West range continue on the main road and do NOT turn left into the range, instead continue striaght down the road and it will be on your left. 4). COSSA hosts Hunter Safety classes and sight in days that are open to the public.