Steel Challenge

What is the Steel Challenge?

The Steel Challenge as a match has a history which rivals USPSA's own. In his column in the July 1986 Front Sight, then-USPSA president Dave Stanford wrote:

The match is highly spectator-friendly and the competition is easy to understand – it is all about the speed. And by maintaining consistent challenges from year to year, the competition lends itself to the notion of setting – and breaking – speed records, which greatly adds to the excitement for shooters, spectators and media.

Steel shooting offers a port of entry to the shooting sports that is far less intimidating than practical shooting. Steel shooting provides an excellent starting place for young or beginning shooters. It also provides a soft way for those who have begun to suffer the problems associated with ageing a vehicle to remain involved in the shooting sports. All this provides an alternative for those who might otherwise be lost to shooting.

To become a Steel Challenge member you need to become a USPSA member as USPSA owns Steel Challenge.

Steel Challenge Rules

Event Fees

Fees may vary for special events, but in general we charge:

  • Match Fee - $10
  • Setup Crew - $ 5. If you arrive 1.5 hours before event start time to help setup, your fee is reduced by $5.
  • Observers - Free. Anyone is welcome to observe and ask questions.
  • Juniors (12 & up) are always welcome (see new shooter page for more info). Juniors (17 and under) shoot for free.
  • Range Officers helping run stages shoot free.


The CPS Steel Challenge events and practices at COSSA generally use bays #1 through #6 at our facility. Our primary bays have weather shelters with wood stoves for shade in the summer and protection from the elements in the winter. During the winter months, the stoves are a most welcome addition. We have two shoot houses, in bay #4 and bay #6, for some of our CQB type field courses.