Range Reservations Use Policies

Individual and Organizations that wish to use COSSA Park facilities need to submit a Range Event Request form to coordinate their event with COSSA Schedulers.


First and Foremost: Firearms and firearm related activities are dangerous. As the event organizer you are responsible to ensure you have an adequate number of properly trained firearm safety and medical/EMT personnel on hand for your event. COSSA Park does not provide these individuals. 

If you do not know the number to the police/fire/rescue or you cannot describe to a responding agency how to get to the range, please print out the directions to the range and have it with you while at the range. NOTE: Not all cellular services work at the range. Check yours to be sure!



  1. Prospective users of COSSA facilities or equipment must complete and submit an Event Request webform on our website. Included with that request will be
    1. A description of your event, event dates/times and requested facilities at the range for review and approval to the Scheduling Coordinator(s).
    2. Submit Liability Insurance policy number, company, agent and contact phone number. Any scheduled event must have liability insurance of at least ONE MILLION dollars with COSSA named as an additional insured.  A for-profit event, i.e., a training school or class, may be required to provide additional insurance coverage. 
  2. Upon approval by the Scheduling Coordinator(s) the User (event coordinator) will be in contacted to confirm:
    1. Gate access codes;
    2. Advance deposit requirements;
    3. Calendar details.
  3. Approved events will be published listed on the COSSA website calendar with event location and time and other event details as provided by the User.
  4. COSSA reserves the right to cancel use of its facilities upon a two-week advance notice.
  5. BLM fire restrictions apply to all Users and the facility may close with NO NOTICE to comply with BLM fire restrictions with no responsibility assumed by COSSA. 
  6. Cancelation of facility use privileges may be the result of, but not limited to, the following:
    3. Failure to leave the facility and furnishings in original undamaged and cleaned condition.
    4. Disorderly or un-sportsmanlike conduct or disturbances or willful damage to COSSA facilities.
    5. Falsification or misrepresentation of information provided in the Facility and Range Use Agreement to the Scheduling Coordinator.
    6. The use of alcohol on the premises during any scheduled shooting event hours of operation.
    7. Failure to pay fees in a timely and business-like manner, i.e., within 30 days following the event.
    8. Failure to comply with record keeping procedures.
    9. Failure to schedule events prior to range use.
  7. Should an event be canceled, notice of cancelation should be immediately submitted to the Scheduling Coordinator. If an event is not canceled, the user will still be required to pay the fee for that event.
  8. Any facility construction or modification to the facilities must be approved in advance by the Scheduling Coordinator.



All Users must adhere to the guidance in COSSA’s Safety Manual and the Member’s Guide to Safety and Range Use.

  1. COSSA ranges and facilities must be left in original or better condition than found.
  2. All Users must have all shooters, non-shooters and spectators register for their event and these records must be turned in to COSSA along with any funds due COSSA.  These records and funds owed COSSA must be turned in a timely and business-like manner, i.e. within 30 days following the event.
  3. The sponsor of any scheduled event must have liability insurance of at least ONE MILLION dollars (US) with COSSA named as an additional insured. A for-profit event, i.e., a training school or class, may be required to provide additional insurance coverage.  COSSA must have in hand the certificate for such insurance policy showing that COSSA is covered before any event is held.
  4. The User must arrange for a Range Safety Officer to be present at all activities.  The Range Officer must be NRA certified or equivalently certified by a nationally recognized agency or affiliated user group.
  5. The designated Range Safety Officer will have final responsibility and authority to correct any and all safety violations including expulsion from the event and COSSA Park.
  6. COSSA Park access is restricted to the West Gate which is RV compatible. Gate access codes will be issued to a designated representative of the User to communicate to their event participants. Under no circumstances is the access gate to be left open. The access code will only be functional for the dates and times scheduled.
  7. Events are required to be kept to the agreed schedules so COSSA members may plan their use of the range.
  8. Alcohol consumption is prohibited on COSSA property during the hours of operation of any shooting event, including practice sessions.
  9. Children and pets must be kept under adult supervision at all times.  Pets must be restrained so they will not trespass downrange or be a safety hazard. 
  10. The User will be responsible for their own setup, takedown, cleanup and storage of targets, target stands and furnishings.  Users should allow enough time to accomplish these tasks when scheduling.
  11. Removal of equipment or other materials from a specific range facility is prohibited except by special approval of the Scheduling Coordinator. Users shall be responsible for any damage to the property, fixtures and structures, and will be assessed for repairs. If additional maintenance or cleanup is required other than normal policing, the user will be charged accordingly.
  12. The User must store all range equipment properly and securely and lock and secure any building that was used.  The User must place all non-spoiling refuse in the exterior trash cans and empty these in the garbage trailer when full.  The User must carry away any garbage that may spoil and draw rodents, badgers and other animals.  For large events, COSSA may require the user to provide a garbage dump box at their own expense.
  13. COSSA provides minimal toilet facilities.  For large events, User may be required by to provide additional units.  It is the User’s responsibility to determine this and to arrange for the units required at his own expense.


Users of COSSA Park must pay a rental fee unless waived or reduced by the COSSA Board. The fee will be determined by that part of COSSA Park being used and the time of use. An advance deposit may be required.

Fees for use of the COSSA ranges and property are typically as follows:

  1. Short length range, up to 100 yards, rental fee will be $50.00 per day per bay.
  2. Medium length range, 200 to 500 yards, rental fee will be $100.00 per day per bay.
  3. Long length range, more than 500 yards, rental fee will be $100.00 per day per bay.
  4. Shotgun-$50.00 per day per thrower.
  5. Shooting events attracting more than 100 participants will incur an additional base range rental fee of $100.00 for up to one week and an additional $100.00 for each partial week after.

Fees for youth groups and other non-profits may be waived for range use at the determination of the COSSA Board.


COSSA allows camping during scheduled events at no charge. Due to the fire hazards associated with unmowed grasses and brush, camping is ONLY allowed in the Buffalo Range Parking Lot and the open area in front of Bays 2 thru 16 bordered by the far road on the south and the iron rail fencing to the north …All other areas are off limits to camping.

Campers must register with the event sponsor and carry liability coverage. 

All campers must also abide by the following rules:

  • Campers must abide by COSSA and BLM fire regulations.
    • Open fires are prohibited including campfires, charcoal fires and warming fires; Portable cooking fires using liquefied or bottled fuels are allowed;
    • Smoking is prohibited except in vehicles;
    • Generators are allowed but must be contained on a metal fire pan.
  • Campers should be aware of high winds. Awnings, chairs and other light objects should be stowed when not in use.
  • Late night noise should be kept to a minimum and consideration given to fellow campers.
  • Night shoots should be scheduled.


There are 4 fire trailers situated at various places on COSSA property.  Use of these trailers is authorized only for fire protection.  The lock combination on the hitch and the box will be given to the Event Coordinator.  Instructions for starting and use, is found inside the storage box.  Use of any of these fire trailers must be immediately reported to the Scheduling Coordinator. The User’s Ranger Officers should arrange for training on the use of the fire trailers and acquaint themselves with other fire suppression equipment available at COSSA Park.