NRA High Power Matches


  • Current NRA High Power Rifle Rules shall apply.
  • Eye and hearing protection is REQUIRED.
  • EMPTY CHAMBER Indicator is required to be used at all times prior to match preparation time. After firing is complete, your scorekeeper must inspect the chamber before reinserting the ECI.


  • Members of the NRA, or DCRA. Juniors may be members of an NRA/DCRA affiliated club in lieu of individual membership.
  • COSSA non-NRA members may shoot but not for Awards.

CLASSIFICATION: NRA High Power LR classification will be used. Rule 19.6, “Assigned Classification” may be used. Unclassified shooters will compete in the Master Class.

RIFLES: Service Rifle (Division ‘A’), Match rule 3.3 or PALMA® Rifle (Division ‘B’) rule 3.3.3, or F-Class Rifle. Division ‘A’ competitors must fire a Service Rifle in all individual matches. Use of 156 or less grain BULLET IS ENCOURAGED for Palma® competitors (Division ‘B’). Any Rifle, rule 3.2, may be used in Match #3.

CATEGORIES: Service, Civilian Service Rifle, Match/PALMA® Rifle and F-Class Rifle

F-CLASS participation: F-Class competitors will be accommodated special LR-F targets and squadding provided that they are entered prior to the time squadding begins. F-Class competitors will compete as Unclassified. If the number of F-Class competitors exceed the minimum for awards (see Match Awards below), Category awards will be issued. Scores shot on LR-F targets will be reported to the NRA.

MATCH AWARDS: Monetary awards will be given to each Match Winner and to the high individuals in each Division/Category/Class award group for each match. Awards groups must contain a minimum of 5 competitors or they will be combined with the next appropriate award group per policy. Additional place awards will be given based on one award for each 7 competitors, i.e. second – 8 thru 14, third- 15 thru 21, etc. Bill Fockler 1000 yard match. The award for the Fockler Match is your name on the Trophy and a Trophy Plaque.

SPECIAL AWARD CATEGORIES: High Grand Senior (70 yrs. Of age or older), High Senior (rule 2.2.1(High Woman, and High Junior (rule 2.3) awards will be given if more than 5 in the category. These awards are independent of all class/category awards.

ENTRY LIMIT: 36 individual entries.


  • NRA fees - $4.50 per competitor. (Military sponsored competitors must make advance arrangements to pay.)
  • Adults - $60.00 for 2 days; One day, $35.
  • Juniors - $5.00
  • Service Personal with ID - $30.00 for 2 days; $15 for 1 day
  • Friday Practice day - $10.00

CHALLENGE FEE: A $1 fee must be paid at the time the challenge is requested.

CHALLENGE PERIOD: Ends 30 Min. after the posting of the match results.

TARGETS & SERVICE: NRA LR target. Competitors will pull targets.

SQUADDING: All matches will be squadded. On Sunday, competitors will be (seed) squadded according to scores fired on Sat. Score cards and squadding will be issued after 7AM each day. A competitor, who fails to obtain his squadding by the time of the morning safety meeting, may be accepted to fill vacancies on existing relays only.

SCORING: Competitors will score. Any competitor failing to perform his scoring duties may be disqualified.


  • Food: Bring your own WATER and food. No lunch break.
  • Camping: Dry camping only. NO WATER or electrical hook ups. NO open fires. Camping in self-contained campers & motor homes is okay.
  • Hotels
    • Comfort Inn Motel 62065 27th St. Bend, OR 541-617-9696 Located at 27th St. & Hwy. 20. (24 miles from range)