Fire Danger / IFPL Level

Fire Level: 
IFPL Level: 



The following fire rules are in effect on the range as of 18 July 2018

1. No smoking on the range except in your vehicle and fully inclised building on the range.

2. Open fires are prohibited, incluking campfire,charcoal fires, cooking fires, and warming fires. Portable cooking stoves using liquefied or bottle fuels are allowed.

3. Camping and Parking of Behicles only allowed in designated areas.

4. Personal generators are allowed but must be contained in an elevated metal fire pan.

5. Commercial generator is allowed as long as the area of operation is cleared of vegetation.

6. Generally, No personal ATVs or vehicle travel outside main roads or designated area. On large COSSA events up to 4 ATVs and up to 10 golf carts may be used.

7. COSSA and BLM prohibited the use of tracer rounds, incendiary devices, fireworks, and exploding targets on the range.

In accordance with BLM regulations, smoking is restricted to only inside a vehicle and fully enclosed structures. All smoking must be in compliance with the current BLM fire alert level which may at times completely prohibit smoking. Open fires, campfires, charcoal fires and warming fires are not allowed. The BLM may also impose additional restrictions consistent with the fire alert posture governing the general area in and around COSSA Park.  During extended hot weather, monitor the sign at the gate and the COSSA website for fire alerts and possible range closure.