Action Multigun

This event type incorporates rifle, pistol, shotgun, Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) sytle firearms. These events are designed to develop a well rounded shooter who is proficient at multiple firearms. Stage designs vary from close-quarter engagements to long-range accuracy challenges. Shooters can generally chose to use a PCC, rifle/pistol or rifle/pistol/shotgun to engage targets in stages.

Event Fees

Fees may vary for special events, but in general we charge:

  • Match Fee - $25
  • Setup Crew - $ 20. If you arrive 1.5 hours before event start time to help setup, your fee is reduced by $5.
  • Observers - Free. Anyone is welcome to observe and ask questions.
  • Juniors (12 & up) are always welcome (see new shooter page for more info). Juniors (17 and under) shoot for free.
  • Range Officers helping run stages shoot free.

Weapon/Ammo Guidlelines

  • Pistols - 9mm is the minimum (and most common) caliber. 1600fps or less. A belt mounted holster for your pistol would be very helpful but not required. We can work around it.
  • Shotguns - 20 gauge or larger. #6 Birdshot or smaller.. Slugs shall be 1.5 oz lead or smaller. No buckshot. Most our events will only have birdshot and maybe 1 or 2 slugs. 
  • Rifle - 5.45x39mm is the minimum caliber. .223 Remington is the most common caliber. Tracer, incendiary, armor piercing or steel/tungsten/composite core projectiles are not allowed. NOTE: If a target is damaged or destroyed by a competitor they will required to pay for or replace that target. No binary triggers allowed.
  • Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) – 9mm is the minimum caliber for PCC. Ammo speed is less than 1600 fps.


The CPS 3Gun events and practices at COSSA generally use bays #1 through #8 at our facility. We have access to other pistol bays as well as several rifle bays with ranges from 100 to 1000 yards as needed. Our primary bays have weather shelters with wood stoves for shade in the summer and protection from the elements in the winter. During the winter months, the stoves are a most welcome addition. We have two shoot houses, in bay #4 and bay #6, for some of our CQB type field courses.