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NRA High Power Matches

NRA High Power Matches


Current NRA High Power Rifle Rules shall apply. Eye and hearing protection is REQUIRED. EMPTY CHAMBER Indicator is required to be used at all times prior to match preparation time. After firing is complete, your scorekeeper must inspect the chamber before reinserting the ECI.


Members of the NRA, or DCRA. Juniors may be members of an NRA/DCRA affiliated club in lieu of individual membership. COSSA non-NRA members may shoot but not for Awards. CLASSIFICATION: NRA High Power LR classification will be used. Rule 19.6, “Assigned Classification” may be used. Unclassified shooters will compete in the Master Class. RIFLES: Service Rifle (Division ‘A’), Match rule 3.3 or PALMA® Rifle (Division ‘B’) rule 3.3.3, or F-Class Rifle. Division ‘A’ competitors must fire a Service Rifle in all individual matches. Use of 156 or less grain BULLET IS ENCOURAGED for Palma® competitors (Division ‘B’). Any Rifle, rule 3.2, may be used in Match #3. CATEGORIES: Service, Civilian Service Rifle, Match/PALMA® Rifle and F-Class Rifle F-CLASS participation: F-Class competitors will be accommodated special LR-F targets and squadding provided that they are entered prior to the time squadding begins. F-Class competitors will compete as Unclassified. If the number of F-Class competitors exceed the minimum for awards (see Match Awards below), Category awards will be issued. Scores shot on LR-F targets will be reported to the NRA. MATCH AWARDS: Monetary awards will be given to each Match Winner and to the high individuals in each Division/Category/Class award group for each match. Awards groups must contain a minimum of 5 competitors or they will be combined with the next appropriate award group per policy. Additional place awards will be given based on one award for each 7 competitors, i.e. second – 8 thru 14, third- 15 thru 21, etc. Bill Fockler 1000 yard match. The award for the Fockler Match is your name on the Trophy and a Trophy Plaque. SPECIAL AWARD CATEGORIES: High Grand Senior (70 yrs. Of age or older), High Senior (rule 2.2.1(High Woman, and High Junior (rule 2.3) awards will be given if more than 5 in the category. These awards are independent of all class/category awards.


NRA fees - $4.50 per competitor. (Military sponsored competitors must make advance arrangements to pay.)

  • Adults - $60.00 for 2 days; One day, $35.
  • Juniors - $5.00
  • Service Personal with ID - $30.00 for 2 days; $15 for 1 day
  • Friday Practice day - $10.00
CHALLENGE FEE: A $1 fee must be paid at the time the challenge is requested. CHALLENGE PERIOD: Ends 30 Min. after the posting of the match results. TARGETS & SERVICE: NRA LR target. Competitors will pull targets. SQUADDING: All matches will be squadded. On Sunday, competitors will be (seed) squadded according to scores fired on Sat. Score cards and squadding will be issued after 7AM each day. A competitor, who fails to obtain his squadding by the time of the morning safety meeting, may be accepted to fill vacancies on existing relays only. SCORING: Competitors will score. Any competitor failing to perform his scoring duties may be disqualified.


Food: Bring your own WATER and food. No lunch break. Camping: Dry camping only. NO WATER or electrical hook ups. NO open fires. Camping in self-contained campers & motor homes is okay. Hotels: Comfort Inn Motel 62065 27th St. Bend, OR 541-617-9696 Located at 27th St. & Hwy. 20. (24 miles from range)

Tactical Rifle Matches

Come out to the beautiful COSSA ranges and shoot long range with that tactical bolt gun, AR-10, or AR-15 at steel targets from 150 -1000 yards! These matches will be shot over varying terrain and positions. Angles, side hills, you name it, we got it! The matches will be realistic and fun. The stages and overall matches will be designed to help you improve your long range shooting skills and capabilities under match conditions. Nothing better than hearing that steel ring at longer ranges, picking that rifle up and moving to the next challenge! These matches are limited to rounds at 3250 FPS and below and are typically shot with non belted calibers. We encourage .308, 30/06, etc. or any caliber that won’t drastically reduce the life of our steel. Any green tip or steel core ammo is strictly forbidden. We have magnets available so please ask if you are unsure. This is a new discipline to COSSA and is a quickly growing shooting sport around the world. We are proud to be able to offer it. Watch our match calendar for the next match day! Typical Match Equipment:

  • Rifle – any scoped bolt action or semi-auto rifle smaller than .338. All long guns require chamber flags
  • Accessories – Wind reading equipment, barometer, Shooting mat, etc.